Waterloo - A tribute to ABBA

Det här evenemanget innehåller digitalt innehåll (livestreaming eller video on demand)

Waterloo - A tribute to ABBA, one of the world’s most popular ABBA tribute bands, are used to playing shows across the globe for crowds from 10-70 000 people every night. Right now they are - like most of us - stuck at home, waiting for the Corona pandemic to be over.

Meanwhile the band has confirmed a big show that will be live streamed on the internet from the famous, renowned Vasa Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday the 30th of May at 9PM CET. Tickets are released today, Friday May 8, and can be purchased at http://ticketco.events! Part of the income will go to a certain charity cause chosen by the band members themselves.

This online show is a joint venture between ticket sales platform Ticketco, streaming community Bring it Home, tech company Streamteam and booking agency MTA Production who was contacted by the band for a smaller, intimate set at the Sonika Studio in Stockholm at the end of April, that show was streamed online as well. The band showed up as a 4-piece with Katja Nord (Annifrid Lyngstad) and Camilla Dahlin (Agnetha Fältskog), who are the two main characters of Waterloo since the formation in 1996, along with Andreas Novak (Björn Ulvaeus) and Jonas Gideon (Benny Andersson). The response to this show was over-whelming with viewers from all around the world, and since the demand for this band is global they got excited to see what’s next! What if all ABBA fans in the world could watch a concert at the same time? Everyone agreed that it was time for a big, digital show in front of a ticket-buying audience safely watching from the safety of their own living-rooms. Hence, we are proud to present a professional concert production on a large stage with a 10-piece backing band, choreography and visuals, just like the band members are used to perform! The amount of viewers is unlimited, the band will be filmed with six cameras and a magnificent light show. There will also be a live chat, with some extra material from behind the stage before and after the show.

“This concert feels like a lifeline now, since we can’t meet our audience the way we had planned”, comments Camilla Dahlin. ”Not giving up gives us a lot of energy. All musicians now need to think about their financial situation of course, but it’s also very important to be able to play together. We want to spread joy and happiness to everyone that needs the music to get through these troubled times we live in.”

“It’s a strange time”, agrees Katja Nord. ”Nobody could have foreseen this. We all have to find ways to deal with this situation, and the transition has been really rough. We want to give everyone a chance to watch us perform from the safety of your own living-rooms. We hope you will tune in!”

“Nine weeks into this pandemic it’s actually fun and exciting to take another step and work with a ‘pay per view’ concert online”, says Hilda Sandgren at MTA who is the producer of the show. ”This is a way to guarantee an income for the artists, the backing musicians and the production crew. We also added a few more things such as backstage scenes and other fun stuff that the audience usually can’t see. We offer a reasonable price for the ticket, and if you join our “early bird” campaign you will get your ticket even cheaper! Welcome to join us!”